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ComStar Games

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 Visit the Lightspeed website for a full discription and free downloads.

Far Avalon Is HERE!

Far Avalon is available for saleFrom ComStar Games.

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The Universe Project


Just how BIG is the new "Universe Project" coming from ComStar Games?

Well, how BIG is the universe?

No, really. Because the "Universe Project" is a group of settings so large that they encompass just about everything that is science fiction. And it paints upon the canvas of the entire universe to do it.

If you want a hard science, near future speculative fiction focus, the "Universe Project" offers Martin J. Daugherty's Far Avalon in one corner of this vast universe. Set in a time of change and turbulence, Far Avalon explores a system at the distant end of a collapsed conduit where, out of the desperation of the times, just about anything can happen. It's a small ship setting where a diminutive trader ship actually stands a chance to make a difference with most of the big battlewagons stuck at the far end of a failed interstellar conduit. Built upon realistic Casumo Casino on uuden polven nettikasino, jossa on mukana yhteisollinen ulottuvuus seka netin uudenaikaisemmat pelit (muista liittya myos Internetcasinot. physics and a dramatic flair for action, Far Avalon offers a unique setting to explore in online casino the far reaches of space.

If you're looking for an all-encompassing space opera setting that reflects the popular themes of television and movie science fiction, you don't have to go any further than Christian Conkle's Lightspeed RPG set in the Interstellar Era of the 27th Century. The Galaxy of the Interstellar Era is vast and its possibilities are limitless. The Interstellar Era is a time of exploration and adventure. The conflicts of the Core Wars are over and the Galaxy is at peace, though old animosities simmer below the surface and new rivalries threaten to flare into conflict. Using the Fuzion TM rules for character creation, players can create any type of character they might imagine and play out their stories on the broad canvas of the Lightspeed setting.

The third part of the initial stage of the "Universe Project" is Kevin Monk's Astral Empires setting. From the hard science of the AD2100: Solar Ecliptic era to the far cosmic future of the AD25,000: Terranis Empyrium Monk outlines an entire future epoch for humanity based on themes drawn from classic science fiction novels and movies as he projects humanity's adventures out among the stars. Besides offering a large-scale flavor setting that unfolds over a period of thousands of years, Astral Empires also includes an empire building strategy game and tactical starship combat engine.

For a universe of adventure...
Watch for the "Universe Project" coming soon from ComStar Games!